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Things for Kids to Do: Summer Activities

While many children cheer the end of the school year, many parents find themselves at a loss of what to do during the long summer days. While it is ultimately good for children to be bored and learn to entertain themselves, it can add a bit of structure to the week to sign kids up for weekly classes or events while also enhancing their development. Throughout the Denver metro area there are a number of things for kids to do as daily or weekly events that are focused on promoting the development of young children.

Story Time

Throughout Denver and its surrounding suburbs, a number of bookstores and libraries provide story time focused on individual age groups. The Denver Public Library system offers story times for babies, toddlers, and all ages, sometimes with a bilingual focus. For a list of their times and locations, see their calendar here.

Multiple libraries in the Arapahoe Library District also offer story time; however, many of the events are so well attended and popular that parents must sign up in order to attend. Koebel library currently offers Toddler Story time at 10 am everyday of the week and also offers family and baby story time throughout the week as well. Parents should check with their local libraries to determine locations of story time events, and as a bonus, many of the local libraries have indoor play spaces, which are great for using up energy on those hot summer days!


While it might seem that your little one is too young to start learning the world’s most popular sport, a number of leagues in the Denver area offer classes for toddlers starting at 18 months.

Skyline Soccer, a soccer club with locations throughout Denver, begins offering 6 week classes to kids 2.5 and up. The youngest group, called grasshoppers, plays for 45 minutes at a time, one day a week, during a 6 week long class. Classes run in spring, summer and fall.

Bladium Sports and Fitness Club, located in northeast Denver offers a program called Lil Kickers, which enrolls kids ages 18 months and up to attend 50 minute classes. The youngest group learns about physical activity and teamwork, building fundamentals for playing more competitively as they get older.

Tumbling and Gymnastics

Most toddlers like to be on the move, and gymnastics classes are a great way to encourage movement. Most classes start for children about 18 months, which tend to be parent-tot classes where parents help their child to explore the different apparatuses and modes of movement. As children get older and move into preschool groups, they work on developing coordination and strength. While many gymnastic studios offer options for toddlers and preschool aged children, some of the most popular are those run by the Ritchie Center on the DU Campus and Dardano’s School of Gymnastics.

While the long summer months can seem to stretch out for eternity, many parents find it useful to enroll their kids in classes or other events throughout the summer to help foster further development and to provide structure throughout the week.

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