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Staying Cool This Summer

Let’s be honest: Denver is hot. And we mean literally. Summers in the Mile High have temperatures well above 90 pretty often. And with our semi-arid environment, the dry air just makes it feel hotter. For those that moved here from coastal areas or the north, the weather can be quite a shock.

There are a few ways to deal with the heat in Denver. While some of these are logical—drink tons of water!—there are still some that aren’t necessarily popular in places that many people have moved from. Here’s our local’s guide to beating the heat.

In-House Cooling

Okay, so we’ve all heard of air conditioning. But there is another way to cool your house, and if you’re from a humid area, you’ve probably never heard of it. The swamp cooler. A swamp cooler literally pumps humid air into your house and cools it down. From areas with high humidity, it sounds crazy to want things to be humid, but we swear, these actually work. They use a fraction of the electricity that AC’s use. Swamp coolers, however cool they seem, are rather large and also work best with the windows cracked open.

If you live in one of Denver’s historic brick homes, you might be able to get by with fans and open windows. Make sure you are being cautious about leaving your windows open if you aren’t home.

Places to Go

Some of you may have seen the infamous Water World episode of South Park, but we swear it’s not that bad. If you need to beat the heat, head there anytime Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Water World is a bit of a drive from Denver, so if you’re looking for something in the city, the city’s theme park Elitch Gardens also features a water park. Located right near the Pepsi Center, you can take the light rail or walk there.

If you’re less into the water park scene and more into adventure, try kayaking in the South Platte river via Confluence Kayaks. The company is based in LoHi and will take you out on the river for a lesson.

For those that want free or lower cost options, Cherry Creek State Park has a swim beach and there are tons of neighborhood pools that you can either buy a pass to or visit for $5/day.

How do you deal with the heat in the Mile High City? Leave us a comment below!

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