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The Mile High’s 5 Quietest Neighborhoods

Some of us like the noise that comes with urban living. Others like to sleep solidly through the night. If you fall into the latter category, we’re here to help you find a place to live where you can actually get some peaceful rest. Here’s our guide to Denver’s quietest neighborhoods.

5. Skyland/City Park

Skyland, north of City Park, is a sweet little neighborhood full of families and well-maintained properties. With no fire stations or highways, the neighborhood is perfect for a relaxing stroll in the evening and a good night of sleep. Unfortunately, with the installation of the A-line, the neighborhood has experienced an uptick in train noise, despite being quietly ensconced between City Park and Martin Luther King Blvd.

4. Berkeley

Despite often being lumped into the general Highlands neighborhood, Berkeley is a sweet little corner of Northwest Denver with quaint shops and a peaceful atmosphere. Unlike the Highlands, which stretches across busy Federal Blvd and other bustling neighborhoods, Berkeley is composed of mostly homes and families. Avoid areas along I-70 if you want complete silence, but don’t hesitate to check out properties in this little-talked-about neighborhood.

3. Park Hill

Park Hill is the epitome of city neighborhood that feels suburban. With tall trees, locally owned shops and some of the most valued properties in Denver along Montview Blvd, Park Hill is a desirable place to live. Northeast and North Park Hill are still developing neighborhoods, so stick to Park Hill proper if you’re looking for hushed streets.

2. Rosedale

At the far south end of Denver lies the tiny neighborhood of Rosedale. Bordering the University neighborhood and Platte Park, Rosedale is several blocks of quiet living. Avoid streets like Downing and East Evans if you’re looking to remain away from the bustle, and don’t stray too close to DU or you might wind up in the midst of student life and backyard parties.

1. Washington Park, East & West

The Washington Park neighborhood is known for its posh stroller moms and bungalows-turned-mansions but it also takes the number one spot for Denver’s quietest neighborhood. While there may be some far away train horns and the occasional barking dog, Wash Park comes with all the quiet nights of the suburbs, directly in the heart of the city. If you plan on moving there, avoid the busy streets like Speer and Downing, as well as homes closer to I-25.

We know that not everyone likes silence, so if you’re more into the vibrant city lifestyle and want a neighborhood that feels alive all night long, check out Baker, RiNo, and LoHi.

Are there any neighborhoods that you feel we left out? Leave a comment and let us know!

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