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Mom Friendly Exercise Programs

Immediately upon visiting or moving to Denver, many newcomers point out just how healthy everyone looks. Denver consistently ranks among the healthiest cities, and with its abundance of parks, paths, hiking trails and outdoor activities available all year long, it’s not hard to see why. Families get in on the athletic lifestyle as well, with parents hiking with their kids in backpacks, biking with their kids behind them or running with two dogs and double stroller on a park path. While leading an active lifestyle may seem a prerequisite for moving to Denver, it’s not always easy when you have kids. Fortunately, a number of Denver area gyms and studios offer mom friendly exercise programs that integrate kids into the workout or provide safe childcare options for them while mama gets her sweat on.

Belly Bliss

From early pregnancy to the post natal months, Belly Bliss, located in Cherry Creek North, offers classes for moms-to-be and moms with little ones as well. For those looking to stay fit while sporting a bump, they offer yoga, barre and other fitness classes taught specifically with the belly in mind. After birth, the studio also offers BYObaby yoga classes, where mom can enjoy a gentle workout with baby on a nearby mat. As your baby turns into a toddler, Belly Bliss also offers mommy and me yoga classes so moms can share healthy habits starting at a young age.

Fit4Mom & Stroller Strides

For moms looking for an aerobic workout, Fit4Mom and Stroller Strides offer classes that include interval training to help moms get back shape. Workouts include running or power walking alongside strength training using environmental features, tubes or even the stroller as a form of resistance. During the summer, workouts are at Stapleton’s Central Park, but they move to an indoor gym during the winter.

Movement Denver Climbing and Fitness

If you’re looking to get killer arms, climbing and yoga are two certain ways to reach that goal. Movement Denver Climbing and Fitness, located in central Denver, offers a variety of classes ranging from yoga, to circuit training and ski conditioning, to cycling classes, and of course, climbing. While you are working out, there is a drop-in childcare center available on a first come basis for $5 an hour staffed by well-trained employees to look after the kids. As your children get older, there are workshops geared toward children to help them become stronger skiers as well.

Hot Mamas Exercise

For moms looking for a tough workout alongside other moms, Hot Mamas, in the trendy Washington Park neighborhood, provides a number of classes including barre and yoga. They also offer a number of classes that work on typical areas like abs, legs, or other “problem” areas. During a number of hours throughout the day, Hot Mamas also provides daycare so that mom get can her burn on while knowing her little one is taken care of.

Regardless of the type of workout you want, Denver has options that allow you to be fit alongside your little ones or with the security of knowing they are well looked after.

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