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Exploring Denver’s Cider Scene

It used to be that if you didn’t like beer, you were left with minimal options to consume an alcoholic beverage save a few malt beverages or cider options (assuming, of course, wine and hard alcohol weren’t appealing). However, as multiple cider mills have opened up across the country, including here in Colorado, hard cider has become a viable drink option in its own right. And while it might not be as easy to do a “cider crawl” through Denver as it would be for checking out local beer taprooms, Denver is increasing its presence in the cider scene with a number of cider mills, bars and tasting rooms that are making a name for themselves at both local and national levels.

Stem Ciders

Located off of 28th and Walnut, Stem Ciders offers a rotating selection of both popular and seasonal ciders on tap and take home in bottles or growlers. They offer a wide selection of ciders from standard apple and crab apple to those made with apricots or coffee. Throughout the week, the tasting room hosts a series of events, including cider and macaron pairings, live music, and trivia nights. Local food trucks are often parked outside of the venue, meaning patrons can enjoy their libation of choice and some food alongside it. Stem Cider is open throughout the week with evening hours on weekdays and a schedule from noon to close over the weekends. Whether you’re looking to try out a new cider or enjoy an event along with it, Stem Ciders has a lot to offer.

Colorado Cider Company

Gaining in notoriety on the national scale, the Colorado Cider Company offers a variety of ciders and types for all palates, including dry ciders, those made with other fruits, and some with floral notes. While they don’t host too many events in their actual tasting room, their ciders are frequently available at local events and tastings. The CCC tasting room is located off 26th and West 2nd Avenue, with operating hours Friday – Sunday. While tucked away in what might be described as a warehouse, the open feel of the room and the ability to kick back and try a few tasty ciders makes it well worth the stop.

C Squared Ciders

Relatively new to the cider game in Denver, situated in the hip RiNo district of Denver in an old book binding warehouse, C Squared Ciders serves its ciders in a tasting room called The Juicebox that shares space with Bierstadt Lagerhouse Brewery and the Rackhouse Restaurant. Patrons can tour a cidery and brewery in the same building and enjoy the benefits of a full service restaurant. While sipping drinks customers can also look out from a mezzanine to the production areas below. C Squared Ciders offers a number of creative combinations and types, making it a great stop on a Denver cider tour.

Denver’s cider scene is still very much up-and-coming, and much like the microbrew explosion of a few years ago, it can be expected to grow exponentially in the coming years.

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