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Exploring Denver Museums with Kids

There are a number of great museums in the Denver metro area, and many of them offer exhibits, play areas, or other great opportunities for kids to learn, experience, and play. Museums offer a great activity when the weather gets too hot or cold, which in Denver weather can mean they can get crowded fast. So be sure to check for current popular exhibits and consider how crowded the museum might be before setting out for the day.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science, is located on the perimeter of City Park and near the Denver Zoo. While there are a number of rotating exhibits, there are also a number of permanent exhibits that kids will love. The Discovery Zone and Expedition Health exhibits allow kids to interact while learning, and all children will enjoy the Wildlife exhibit and prehistoric journey, where they can learn more about animals and dinosaurs.

Denver Art Museum

While an art museum often seems more geared toward adults, the Denver Art Museum offers a number of activities to help make the experience fun and interactive for kids. On the first floor, kids can play in the kids corner, where they get to participate in art projects and play with costumes. They can also pick up a family backpack, which comes with games and puzzles for kids to complete. Throughout the museum, there are also creative corners, where kids can draw inspiration from exhibits to create work of their own.

The Children’s Museum of Denver

Newly renovated, the Children’s Museum of Denver at the Marsico Campus features a number of exhibits geared toward children of all ages. The Center for Young Children and the Village of Healthy Smiles are especially built for babies and toddler. The rooms contain toys, slides, and books appropriate for this age range. The museum has a number of other exhibits for toddlers and older children, including a large, indoor climbing apparatus and a large, outdoor park. It’s a great way to spend a day with kids of all ages, assisting them with exploration.

Colorado Railroad Museum

Located just west of Denver in Golden, the Colorado Railroad Museum features a roundhouse, rail yard (with over 100 different rail vehicles), and a museum depicting the history of Colorado’s railroads. Throughout the year, the museum also hosts a variety of events, including opportunities to ride the trains, a day out with Thomas (annually, and tickets sell out fast), as well as concerts and theme days.

Denver Firefighters Museum

Located in downtown Denver, the Denver Firefighters Museum offers a number of interactive exhibits and details the history of firefighters in Denver. Kids learn about how fires have historically been reported, fire safety, and how firefighters are trained and join the force.

Throughout the Denver metro area there are a number of museums that promote learning and keep kids entertained. Not only will kids gain experience through these exhibits, but they will also enjoy the process of learning about different subjects and experiencing while learning. While many museums offer free days throughout the year, many of them can get crowded during these times. If you find a museum you like, consider purchasing a membership in order to decrease the cost of visiting and gain access to member-only events.

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