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Where the Locals Go: Denver Movie Theaters

Going to the movies might seem like an easy way to spend the day, but Denver has a wide range of options that might be confusing to a newcomer. From theaters that regularly show the Rocky Horror Picture Show to your average family-friendly cinema, Denver has options for any kind of moviegoer.

If you’re indie and artsy…

Head to The Mayan. Not only do they serve booze, but also this theater is located in the ultra-happening South Broadway area. The Mayan regularly shows avant-garde and indie flicks, as well as foreign films. With a unique interior, dramatic lighting and Mayan-inspired décor, the building is a historic site in Denver and makes for a great atmosphere. The Mayan only shows about three movies at once, so they come and go quickly. Make sure to check the monthly schedule so you don’t miss anything.

Or maybe you’re edgy but not indie…

Check out The Esquire on 6th and Downing. The Esquire regularly shows anime hits, including ultra-popular Miyazaki films, and throwback midnight movies like Jaws and The Sandlot. Perfect for a late night date, The Esquire has plenty of nearby dining options. This theater is a little more on the grungy side, with a well-loved interior that’s perfectly worn. The Esquire is also home to a monthly midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

If you’re trendy and into the latest hits…

Head to the United Artists Theaters at the Pavilions or Colorado Blvd. The Pavilions are perfect for a dinner downtown and a walk down 16th Street, and Colorado Blvd is perfect for bigger groups. Both theaters show new releases and popular movies, and Colorado Blvd includes IMAX. There are midnight showings of popular films, like Star Wars and Marvel movies, and special events for certain movies.

If you have young kids…

Alamo Drafthouse, in Littleton’s Aspen Grove, has a kid’s day scheduled during certain weeks for parents with young children. Crying, screaming and otherwise unruly activity is expected during these showings. Expect to see big hits, like Pixar and Disney movies. Alamo Drafthouse also serves food, including pizza and hefty portions of unlimited popcorn.

Or, if you’re a 20-something that still wants to be a kid…

Alamo Drafthouse also has 80s, 90s and other nights featuring sing-alongs, karaoke and special events. These nights are sometimes age-restricted, but they are perfect for an older crowd that still wants to have fun. Did we mention that you can get a boozy milkshake? Because you can get a boozy milkshake.

Let us know where you prefer to see movies in the comments!

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