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Popular Denver Farmers’ Markets

Summer is a vibrant place in colorful Colorado, but nothing is more full of life than the local farmers’ markets in Denver. Ranging from small and simple to sprawling, you can’t spend a weekend in Denver without passing a market, and why would you want to? With treats like local honey, salsas and vegetables, Denver farmers’ markets have plenty of choices for every kind of eater. Check out each of the following markets on different weekends or all at once if you don’t mind filling up on free samples.

Old South Pearl St Farmers’ Market
May – November, Sundays 9-1

Old South Pearl isn’t your typical hipster market. The neighborhood of Platte Park provides a small-town atmosphere and the local shops that line the street give the pleasant air of a European market. Operating on Sundays from 9-1, from May through November, the Old South Pearl Farmers’ Market is small but packed with sophistication and local treats including green chilies and palisade peaches.

The City Park Esplanade Fresh Market
June – October, Sundays 9-1

Wedged between Colfax and City Park, just south of East High, is curved esplanade that is home to the City Park Fresh Market every Sunday, June – October. The market is host to fresh produce vendors as well as local barbeque sauce makers, honey producers and flower sellers. Full of delicious goods to sample and buy, this market is small but perfectly situated for a nice walk through City Park after shopping.

The Farmers’ Market at Highlands Square
June – October, Sundays 9-1

This relatively new market is an expected addition to the Highlands having launched in 2015. While the Farmers’ Market at Highlands Square is smaller, it features local farmers and craftsman, as well as alcoholic beverages for sale. Nothing could be better than walking through the Highlands with a mimosa in hand on a summery Sunday morning.

The Cherry Creek Fresh Market
May – October, Saturdays 8 – 1; June – September, Wednesdays 9-1

This market is the alpha and omega of farmers’ markets in Denver. Happening not just once, but twice a week during the summer, the Cherry Creek Fresh Market is not only huge, but also incredibly popular. Unlike other markets, which often feature smaller vendors, the Cherry Creek market features gourmet vendors as well as live music, clothing designers and artists. Nearby parking is limited, and due to the event’s size, you may wind up walking quite a bit to get there. Still, once you arrive, you’re guaranteed a fun environment with plenty of choices.

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