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Best Coffee Shops in Denver for Work & Meetings

Denver is not only one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, it’s also one of the hippest and youngest. With plenty of millennials working in the Mile High City, it’s impossible to grab a coffee during the day and not see a shop filled with working twenty-somethings. With side hustles and work-from-home jobs growing in popularity, many people are seeking new ways to get their jobs done. When home doesn’t cut it, the coffee shop usually does. Some are better than others, and we’ve got the inside scoop on the best coffee shops in Denver for getting work done.

Rooster & Moon
Great for: downtown meetings, late night work, local pastries

Rooster & Moon is one of those spaces that feels off-the-beaten-track but it’s actually nestled in the crook of Bannock and Speer, just below downtown. The location makes the shop good for meetings, but the local pastries, late hours and outdoor patio make it good for everything else.

Great for: meetings, work, sweet potato waffles

Crema is loud, the windows are always slightly fogged with humidity, and there’s a constant line, but the atmosphere is perfect for creative client meetings and some quality time in front of your Macbook. The back of the shop is more secluded, giving some peace and quiet, while the front windows face ever-changing Larimer Street, one of Denver’s busiest areas. The best part of Crema is that it’s not impossible to find a table, and there’s always an abundance of juice to buy.

St. Mark’s Coffeehouse
Great for: late night work, hot chocolate, studying

Maybe you’re a PhD student working on your thesis and you need some fresh air and a coffee. Maybe you’re a freelance writer working against a deadline. Or maybe you had a bit much to drink at happy hour and need a coffee for your walk home. St. Mark’s is one of the only coffeehouses in Denver that is open late, until midnight to be exact. With plenty of workspace, including an outdoor patio, St. Mark’s is a great hideaway for those trying to get things done and get them done late.

Black Eye Coffee, LoHi
Great for: quiet workspaces, client meetings, fancy coffee

Black Eye has a slightly more sophisticated feel than other shops, despite its tough name and logo. The LoHi location features an earthy interior with wooden tables and plenty of plants, while leaving room for outlets and workspaces. The shop is often crowded, but it’s worth the wait for a quiet space to sit.

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