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5 Popular Spots to Take Family Photos

Upon moving to Denver, you’re sure to spot family photos in friends’ homes that demonstrate a beautiful backdrop of trees, mountains, wooden bridges or interesting architectural angles. While some of these spots may seem like local secrets, there are a number of locations around Denver where you can shoot your family photos against beautiful backgrounds.

Washington Park – Denver

Not only is this park a favorite among locals, it offers a number of great opportunities to take beautiful family photos. During the spring and summer months, you’ll see newlyweds, infants, and quinceaneras being photographed throughout the lush property. Within the park you will find lakefront views, mountainous backgrounds, seasonal gardens with beautiful flowers, quaint bridges and even shaded spots that look like they are right out of the forest. Busy as the park is, it’s always possible to find a quiet nook to shoot some great photos.

Jackass Hill Park – Littleton

Don’t let the name fool you, this park is a well-known spot among photographers. The park itself may be small, but it opens up to beautiful mountain vistas that make a perfect backdrop anytime of year. In the late summer months, you will find long green grass with blue mountains cresting behind you. During the winter, the earth is covered in snow with beautiful snowcapped mountains in the distance. If you’re looking to get a few photos for the annual Christmas card, this might be the best spot.

Daniels Park – Castle Pines

Located just west of Castle Pines, Daniels Park is another local spot that offers sweeping views of the Rocky Mountains. There are plenty of places to set up a picnic, enjoy the wildlife (there is a resident herd of buffalo) where parents can shoot pictures of their children making memories and interacting with nature. Depending on the weather and the time of day, you could be treated to a front seat view of one of Denver’s famous sunsets, ranging in color from purple to bright orange.

Cheesman Park – Denver

While much of the park itself will offer you the chance to shoot family photos similar to any other park, at the right time of day (afternoon and evening), the light shines through the pillars of the Cheesman Park Pavilion offering opportunities for some great architectural shots.

Garden of the Gods – Colorado Springs

Though a bit of a drive from Denver, Garden of the Gods is a unique park with beautiful red rocks jutting out of the earth. Access to the park is free, and the Perkins Central Garden Trail is a paved trail that runs roughly a mile and a half around the park (which means clothes will, theoretically, stay clean for pictures). The beautiful formations and interesting background will make for some unique photos to cherish.

Denver has a lot of hidden gems, and throughout the city there are a number of places where you can find opportunities to capture memories on film or to take a family photo fit for a holiday card.

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