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4 First Date Ideas

So you’ve just met the perfect match on Tinder, OKCupid or maybe somewhere else. If you’re not into the Netflix and chill game, you might want to take your date out on the town. If you’re new to Denver, or just don’t get out that much, you might wind up in a place that’s too loud, too expensive or all around weird (lookin’ at you, Sancho’s Broken Arrow!). Don’t worry: we’ve got you covered. Here are a few places to take your first date that won’t break your budget or your hopes of getting that goodnight kiss.

Avanti Food & Beverage

So you don’t know what your date likes. You don’t know if they have any food allergies or preferences. Don’t worry, Avanti has you covered. With multiple eateries and a huge selection as well as booze, Avanti is a great place for a date that you’re trying to get to know. Choose from noodle bowls, arepas, sandwiches and more for relatively decent prices and get to know your date with food you actually both enjoy. Be aware, Avanti can get busy and loud on weekends, so if you’re trying to be more intimate, stick to a weeknight date.

A Picnic in Cheesman Park

Yes, Wash Park might get all the glory, but Cheesman is a perfect place for great city and mountain views as well as a wonderful, less-crowded walk. Swing by the King Soopers at 9th and Corona to pick up some food, and then head to the park for a romantic sunset picnic. If your date is into ghost stories, you might want to talk about the park’s lurid past as a graveyard, or you can just skip the grisly details and walk to Liks at 13th and Vine for some ice cream.

The Mayan Theater

If you know your date is a little more on the artsy side, consider a date at the Mayan theater. Grab a drink at the Mayan Bar first, then head into the latest indie flick. With comfortable seating and a unique atmosphere, the Mayan is perfect for conversationalists. Grab a bite before or after the movie at the nearby Hornet or anywhere on Broadway.

Downtown Littleton

We know, we know: city people aren’t all that into the suburbs these days. But if you’re looking for quaint, quiet and nice, Downtown Littleton is a great place. Avoid chain restaurants like The Melting Pot and stick to local places like the Olde Towne Tavern. The good thing about Littleton is that you and your date can take the light rail, so you can indulge without worrying about driving.

Is there anywhere else you’d take a first date in Denver? Let us know in the comments!

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